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bullet GuliblGoym
18 Mar : 08:30
bullet Spono
29 Feb : 17:55
SQUAD EDDaVVG, waiting for escape from Tarkov
bullet GuliblGoym
29 Feb : 16:52
bullet eDDaVVG
26 Feb : 18:56
What game you guys playing now?
bullet GuliblGoym
02 Feb : 12:34
I want some
bullet notree
31 Jan : 19:34
I had fish tacos yesterday. Most amazing thing ever, But they were $14 for 2 lol
bullet Spooky
29 Jan : 20:22
I'm thinking of making a sex tape...
bullet Spooky
22 Jan : 18:17
I'm only scared of my wife and spiders...but mostly just my wife
bullet GuliblGoym
22 Jan : 09:10
I'm scared
bullet Spooky
21 Jan : 20:22
Play BF3 with us this weekend...unless you're scared

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Welcome to the Zulu Crew Website!

We are a growing competitive clan, playing Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, MW2 and various other games. Please look around our site and say hi in the forums!


»Battlefield 5 reveal coming this week
The new Battlefield game will be revealed on May 6th.
»Battlefield 4 has 50% more active players than Battlefront
BF4 has 50% more active players than Star Wars Battlefront, and 400% more than Hardline.
»How to unlock the secret reload animation for Mare’s Leg (BF4 Easter Egg)
How to reload the gun like The Terminator.
»Battlefield 4 gets 4X XP this weekend
Forget about double XP, this time it's 4X the XP.
»Battlefield 4 player shows how the use the TOW missile
It takes a lot of practice to reach this level.
»Battlefield 4 CTE gets one last update
DICE has released the final CTE update.
»DICE developer: at least one more Battlefield 4 patch coming
There's at least one more patch -- a hotfix -- coming.
»No more night maps coming to Battlefield 4
Golmud Railway and Siege of Shanghai night won't be released.
»Battlefield 4 CTE has ended
The community test environment project has ended.
»EA: We will continue to support Battlefield 4
The publisher promises continued support, but didn't reveal any specifics.

Date published: Mon, 02 May 2016 17:32:21 +0000

Date published: not known
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07 Jan : 14:33

Re: New Compyoutour
Posted by GuliblGoym
06 Jan : 13:05


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