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bullet GuliblGoym
31 Jul : 13:39
u focking wot m8?
bullet hhcheese
28 Jul : 11:02
I heard you were talkin shit m8

Also yes Bf2 is pretty much dead and it depresses me. I still occasionally play with because the bf2 servers are dead..
bullet GuliblGoym
17 Jul : 15:13
bullet freakboy
13 Jun : 13:05
Do you think it is the modernized feel of the controls and weapons?
12 Jun : 21:43
Life was more fun when BF2 was king. None of these new games are league friendly.
12 Jun : 21:41
And Touchy Monster
bullet Spooky
24 May : 13:28
Remember what a scrub Cheese was...
bullet Spooky
20 May : 12:07
that sucks...
bullet GuliblGoym
19 May : 16:46
Not as exciting as pants
bullet Spooky
10 May : 10:31
CRAP...I ripped my new pants

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»Battlefield 4 Summer patch possibly coming at the end of August
The next patch could be released by the end of this month.
»Battlefield 4 player goes 114-0 on Siege of Shanghai (video)
One of the most impressive rounds of BF4 we've ever seen.
»Battlefield 4 players complete community mission in record time
BF4 players accumulated over 1 million revolver kills in record time.
»New BF4 Community Mission wants player to get 1 million kills with a classic revolver
The latest Battlefield 4 Community Mission is a very challenging one.
»Man creates 3D printed Battlefield 4 railgun
A fully functioning airsoft gun based on the Rorsch railgun from BF4.
»Battlefield 4 CTE launches on Xbox One
The Community Test Environment is now available on the Xbox One.
»New Battlefield 4 community mission is live
The newest BF4 community challenge is now live.
»Dragon Valley in BF4 vs BF2 (video comparison)
Check out a comparison video between the new Dragon Valley, and the old BF2 version.
»Dragon Valley is the new Battlefield 4 map
The new map will be a remake of the BF2 classic.
»Battlefield 2 turns 10 years old today
The game that brought the Battlefield franchise into the modern era launched 10 years ago today.

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